Monday, December 6, 2010

First full weekend in Taiwan

It was a really busy weekend in Taiwan as we had a gathering with AIESEC members from National Taiwan University on Friday night. There were 12 of us and we all crashed at Lyo's place for the night. It was Disston's 18th birthday on Friday and we had a couple of drinks to celebrate.

Although I was really tired on Saturday, I still wanted to go to Jiufen and went with Bernard, Mark, Wanling and two other AIESEC members from National Taiwan University. The views were really good up the mountain and the food was really unique. Taiwanese like typical Singaporeans ate anything and this included wild boars, tongues and the works. I am kinda bumped that I did not bring my camera and will upload more when I get some photos from Mark. We also went to Shilin night market that night and basically ate everything. I had stinky tofu for the first time and it was really good albeit the initial smell. Lyo's driving was well reckless to say the least but at least I got home safe. I have previously been to Shilin night market about four years ago and the place kinda looks the same but I think some shops have changed. I still find the place endearing in a certain way.

After the mistake of not bringing my camera on Saturday, I finally did remember to bring it on Sunday to the museum. It was called Gugong museum and was near Dazhi Mrt Station. It basically showcased the history of China and paid particular attention to the Song Dynasty. I was fascinated by the artwork, artefacts and calligraphy and the amount of detail they were able to achieve with minimal technology. I could not take pictures of the inside of the museum but had some random shots at the gates.

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