Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend in Hsinchu

I went to Hsinchu over the weekend for an AIESEC conference. It was really fun and met a lot of other exchange participants from all around the world. There were exchange participants from Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Greece, Columbia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Poland, Netherlands and Singapore. It was just a real cultural experience as there was a global village on Sunday and we got to know more about the various cultures. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I hope to meet the people I have met during the conference again. I took so many pictures but my camera for some reason decided to disappear and now I am left with no pictures. I think I will just get it from Mark later. On the bus back to the train station, it was just interesting to the different languages that were spoken and we took turns singing our national anthems which was very interesting.

I am still thinking what I would like to do next weekend, I might go to Danshui or maybe yangmingshan.

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