Sunday, December 26, 2010

Taipei Flora Expo on Saturday

I went to the Taipei Flora Expo on Saturday with Jen, Shirley, Mark and Cira. It was sooooo crowded when we got to Yuanshan Mrt Station as there were so many people lining up to visit the expo. We first went to get something to eat first and then proceeded to buy tickets for the flora expo. The flora expo was really big to say the least and we walked around for close to 5 hours starting at 11pm. We didnt actually go into any of the convention halls as the queue was massive and we could not be bothered to wait. We just wandered around the place and also visited the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. I think I saw more paintings then flowers to be honest as all the different flowers were inside the convention halls. Some pictures from the flora expo.

We left around 5 pm and proceeeded to the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. I have previously been there 4 years ago with Army but as my friend have never been, I thought why not. It was as how I remembered it but for some reason it felt a lot smaller this time round. Took some pictures of the memorial hall in the sunset.

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